29th September 2019


Aveda believes there is no responsible alternative to doing business other than through the pursuit of environmental sustainability and this belief guides every decision we make. This is why we chose to work with Aveda. Aveda find inspiration for doing so in nature and believe that nature is not merely something to be cherished and protected, but also should be emulated as a model of sustainability. Aveda also believe that profit and environmental responsibility will increasingly work together as more industries find out that "nature works" for both sustainability and the bottom-line.

Aveda are proud to have been the first beauty company using 100% post consumer recycled PET. Now more than 85% of our skin care and hair styling PET bottles and jars contain 100% post consumer recycled materials. With every package they develop, they're mindful of the environmental footprint and work to minimise their packaging and maximise their use of recyclable and post consumer recycled materials.


Aveda was also the first prestige beauty company to combine PCR and Bioplastic in a plastic tube.

Aveda use 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material as much they we can*. When it can't be used, they are starting to combine PCR with bioplastic - as they did in the dry remedy moisturising conditioner and masque tubes.

The bioplastic they use is a biopolyethylene derived primarily** from sugarcane. Bagasse is the fibrous byproduct that remains after sugarcane stalks are crushed for sugar production. The bagasse is used as fuel for the production of ethanol, a main ingredient used to produce polyethylene. Sugarcane is a quickly renewable, and thus a sustainable resource. Bioplastic may be recycled†, although the recycling of tubes is limited, so please contact your local recycling program.

*more than 85% of our skincare and hair styling PET bottles are jars contain 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

**Bioplastic is 96% plant derived and 4% petrochemical

†Because bioplastic is chemically identical to ordinary polyethylene, it can also be recycled in the same manner as these plastics